What is the “Quit the Company Blog?”

“Even an ordinary person can do it”

This “Company Quit Blog” is a blog by Sato, a web designer who quit his job as a company employee at the age of 47 and became a freelance designer, to practice the fact that “even an ordinary person can compete as a freelance designer” and to share information for freelance designers who are in the same position.

I would be happy if it is helpful for aspiring web designers and fledgling/new web designers, and I would also be happy if mid-level and experienced web designers can find something in it as well.

Profile of sato, a man who quit his job at 47

Date of birth April 2, 1974
Previous Occupation Designer at a system development company (with the company for 8 years and 7 months)
History as a web designer September 2002-Present
Skills Web design, UI design, html/css/jQuery coding, WordPress theme creation, WordPress customization
Educational Background High school graduate (dropped out of vocational school)
Family One wife and one child
Wife’s occupation Designer (print media), freelance, non-dependent
Children’s Occupation Elementary school student
Residence 2LDK rental house

My last job was as an extremely average corporate designer.
I am not particularly good at what I do and my salary is about the same as anyone else.
I sometimes see feature articles about average annual salaries by profession, and I am so mediocre that I fit the average for web designers.

I never studied design in school.
I was not good at art when I was a student, and of course I did not go to an art college or an art university. My hobby of making “homepages” among my friends became my job, and I have been doing it for 19 years.

I do not have a high academic background. I am a high school graduate who dropped out of a vocational school.

It has been a year since I became a freelancer with a determination to make a difference.
I am blessed with wonderful clients and great jobs, and I am enjoying my freelance life.

In this blog, I hope to write about things that are helpful and encouraging for people who want to work freelance or are working freelance as well.

I also hope that it will motivate me, and I would like to continue to enjoy it.

I look forward to your continued support!