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Various tools for color scheme design


Hey everybody! It’s atom!
This time, I’d like to introduce you to some useful tools that you can use when thinking about color schemes!
I’ve been using these tools a lot myself!
I’m sure you’ll find them useful in your workplaces!

■Easily determine complementary colors, approximate colors, etc. from basic colors.

Color Scheme Designer 3

Color Scheme Designer 3

■ Over 15,000 color scheme themes for reference



■ Set basic colors to set the color scheme with a basic website template.

Web Color Scheme Tool Ver 2.0

Web Color Scheme Tool Ver 2.0

■Color charts can be created from any book or magazine.

Colo of Book

Colo of Book

■Upload a photo to create a color chart.

Color Palette Generator

Upload a photo to create a color chart

■View traditional Japanese colors in RGB and CMYK.

Japanese Traditional Colors – Traditional Japanese Color Names

Traditional Japanese Colors - Traditional Japanese Color Names

■ A very informative blog post is also available.

Along with that, here’s a very informative blog post!

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You can also try it out and use it as a reference if you like!