Preparing to use e-Tax on Mac + Safari for the first time

Mac + Safari で e-Tax を初めて利用する際の準備

Hi there.
I’m Sato, a Web/App/UI designer.

This time, I will write about Preparation for using e-Tax on Mac + Safari for the first time.

A little troublesome preparation is required when using “e-Tax” for the first time.

I myself became a freelancer last April, and this was the first time for me to file my own tax return, so I didn’t realize how much preparation was required.

By “preparation,” I do not mean preparation for the tax return itself, but preparation for using e-Tax.

In my case, the tax return itself was quick and easy.
I filed my tax return using “Yayoi’s Blue Return,” and it was completed quickly by simply entering the necessary information in the required order.

After that, I had to check the “message box” of e-Tax to check the processing status.
Since that was a bit troublesome, I will summarize the procedure here.

I couldn’t use it when I tried to use it normally.

When I accessed the e-Tax website and tried to log in to the “e-Tax software (WEB version),” the current When you try to log in to the “e-Tax software (web version)”, it will tell you if your current viewing environment (OS and browser) meets the recommended environment.

When I first accessed the site, I was told “No, because there is no Safari extension.
For me, I was like, “What the heck?” I feel like, “What the heck is this?

No because there is no Safari extension

Operating Environment

So, let’s check the recommended environment by clicking on the “Check recommended environment” link.

To use e-Tax software (WEB version) When you use the e-Tax software (WEB version), you can use the following

Looking at the table of recommended environments, it seems that the software can be used in most environments without any problems.
Until a little while ago, there seemed to be some cases where the latest OS was not supported, but as of March 2022, it seems that support for the latest environment has been completed.

OS Browser
mac OS 10.14 (Mojave) Safari 14.1
mac OS 10.15 (Catalina)
mac OS 11 (Big Sur)
Safari 14.1Safari 15.0Safari 15.1
mac OS 12.0 (Monterey) Safari 15.1
  • If you use the e-Tax software (WEB version) from the OS and browser indicated in red above, “Please check the latest recommended environment at △ e-Tax homepage” will be displayed in the “Environment check result”. If the result of “Current Settings” is all “0”, please click the “Close” button and log in. Some screens may have display corruption or garbled downloaded file names, but all functions can be used without any problems.
  • We have confirmed that digital signatures, etc. using card-type digital certificates such as My Number Card do not work properly on terminals equipped with Apple’s M1 chip, depending on the type of IC card reader/writer.
    Please contact the manufacturer of the IC card reader/writer you are using to inquire about the compatibility of your IC card reader/writer with terminals equipped with the M1 chip.

When using e-Tax software (WEB version) When you use the e-Tax software (web version), you will be able to use the following

Chrome is not supported..
Well, that’s it.
If you scroll down the page, you will see

(4) Preparation Setup.

and you will see a section called

Please download the “Advance Preparation Setup” tool for your computer’s OS and browser to your computer before use. If you use the e-Tax software (WEB version) without the “Preparation Setup” tool, it may not work properly.

It is written as follows.
This is what the “Advance Preparation Setup” determination result was “-” in the previous alert.

Now, let’s proceed with the “Preliminary Preparation Setup”.

Install “Preliminary Preparation Setup”.

Download “Advance Preparation Setup”.

In order to be able to use e-Tax on a Mac, there are a few things that must be done on the Mac side.
These include extensions to Safari and installation of what is called a “root certificate.
First, download the “Preparation Setup” from the link below.

Preparation Setup for Mac (.dmg/6.1MB )

Setup Installation Manual for Mac

The above is a direct link, but the original link is on the following page.
The one for Mac is below the one for Windows.
A link to the installation manual pdf is also included for your reference.

When using e-Tax software (WEB version) When you use the e-Tax software (web version), you will be able to download the “e-Tax” application form.

When the download is complete, a disk image named “eTaxMac.dmg” will be mounted.
Open it and you will find “eTaxInstall.pkg” inside.

Preparation Setup Installation 1

Next, we will run “eTaxInstall.pkg”, but before we do so, close Safari.
You will not be able to run “eTaxInstall.pkg” if your web browser is open.
After closing Safari, double-click “eTaxInstall.pkg” to execute.

Preparation Setup Installation 2 Preparation Setup Installation 3 Preparation Setup Installation 4

After following the steps and completing the installation, you will find these files in the extracted “eTax” folder.

  • Root Certificate Installation Instructions.pdf
  • e-Tax software (web version).webloc
  • e-Tax software (WEB version).app
  • pfwsr3ca.der
  • scrootca2.der
Preparation Setup Installation 5

This completes the “Pre-Preparation Setup” installation.
Close the installer and pop it in the trash.

Preparation Setup Installation 6

Enable Safari Extension “e-Tax Software (Web Version)”.

After completing the installation of “Preparation Setup”, “e-Tax Software (WEB Version)” is added to the Safari Extensions.

Safari Extension e-Tax

Check this “e-Tax software (web version)” checkbox to enable.
It is disabled by default.

Install “Root Certificate” on Mac

Next, install the “root certificate” on your Mac.
The “root certificate” is used to verify that the data and the server you are connecting to belong to the IRS when receiving data from e-Tax.

The “scrootca2.der” and “pfwsr3ca.der” from the “eTax” folder are installed by “loading” them using an application called “Key Chain Access” on your Mac.
Keychain Access” is located in the Applications > Utilities folder on your Mac.

The “eTax” folder also contains the “Root Certificate Installation Instructions.pdf”, so please refer to that as well.

Root Certificate Installation 1 Root Certificate Installation 2

Start Keychain Access.

Start “Keychain Access”, which is found in the Applications > Utilities folder.

Install “scrootca2.der”.

After launching “Keychain Access”, select “File > Load” from the menu bar and select “scrootca2.der” to load it.

Root Certificate Installation 3
Select “File > Load” under “Keychain Access”.
Root Certificate Install 4
Select “scrootca2.der” in the “eTax” folder.
Root Certificate Installation 5
“scrootca2.der” has been successfully loaded.

Install “pfwsr3ca.der”.

Follow the same procedure, this time selecting and loading “pfwsr3ca.der”.

Root Certificate Installation 3
Select “File > Load” under “Keychain Access”.
Root Certificate Installation 6
Select “pfwsr3ca.der” in the “eTax” folder.
Root Certificate Installation 7
“pfwsr3ca.der” has been successfully loaded.

The recommended environment for e-Tax is ready

The recommended environment for e-Tax is now ready.
The environment check is also OK.

e-Tax is now available

Submitting the commencement notification.

You may think you’re all set, but you’re not done yet.

If you are using e-Tax for the first time, you need to submit a Commencement Notification Form to obtain a user identification number. The Commencement Notification Form can be submitted online by clicking on the “Prepare and Submit Commencement Notification Form” button.

I’m not sure what to do.
That’s a lot of work.

Initiation Notification Form must be submitted

Click on the “Prepare and submit a commencement notification” button to go to the preparation screen and select the type of notification you wish to prepare.

Select the type of commencement notification

If you are a freelancer, you are of course an “individual”.
All you have to do is follow the steps and fill in the required information, and you will be able to easily complete the “Creation and Submission of Commencement Notification Form”.

Prepare and submit commencement notification

Finally able to use e-Tax

We are finally ready to use e-Tax.
It has been a long road.

By the way, there are certain times when e-Tax is not available.
It seems that e-Tax is basically available 24 hours a day, every day during the tax filing period, so I don’t think you need to worry about it, but you may want to check this page just in case.

Availability of e-Tax | [e-Tax] National Tax Electronic Filing and Payment System ( e-Tax).

Prepare early for your first tax return so as not to panic.

I myself was too busy with work during the month of February to deal with my tax return at all, and I was a bit surprised to find out that I needed to do a lot of preparation when I was ready to start working in March.

It is safer to be well prepared for the first time while you have enough time in your mind….
If this had been really last minute timing, I might have been in a bit of trouble….

So, in this article, I have written about preparations for using e-Tax on Mac + Safari for the first time.
How was it?

I would be happy if it could be of some help to you.
See you next time.

[e-Tax] National Tax Electronic Tax Return and Payment System (e-Tax)