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If you don’t want the tool panel to disappear in Adobe Illustrator, use “application frames”.


Hey everybody! It’s atom!
This time, I’m going to talk about Using “Application Frames” if you don’t want the tool panel to disappear in Adobe Illustrator.

The tool panel on the right side disappeared!

In Adobe Illustrator, when you open a file, the tool panel on the right side of the screen sometimes disappears.

Illustrator right side panel is gone

What?” I think, I try to open the panel I need from the “Window” menu bar, but it doesn’t respond and I can’t open it.
If I try to change the “Workspace” in the “Window”, a group of panels appear, but when I change the workspace back, they disappear again.
Each time I did this, I had to restart Illustrator, which was quite a hassle.

Yes, until now.

But I finally found a solution.
It’s Application Frames.

What is an “application frame”?

An “application frame” is, according to Adobe

It groups all workspace elements and displays them on a single integrated window, treating the entire application as a single unit.

It is said to be
Illustrator Workspace Pace Basics – Adobe

Huh?” I know, you’re thinking, “What?
It’s so obvious that it’s a blind spot.

In other words, if you don’t use application frames, the various elements on the screen are all handled separately.
The application bar at the top of the screen, the toolbar on the left side of the screen, the group of panels on the right side of the screen, of course, and the main window displaying the artboard are all treated separately and can be arranged and resized independently of each other.

Ah, now that you mention it, yes, that’s true.

No application frame

The fact that this application frame solved the problem of the right tool panel disappearing makes me think that the tool panels were not “disappearing” but “moved somewhere out of sight”.
If that is the case, it is not surprising that I could not open them from the “Window” menu (they are still open, just invisible).

Well, the question is, “Why does the tool panel move to an unintended place at an unintended time?
I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that I’m using a sub-display connected to it, or changing the resolution of the MacBook Pro or the sub-display.

“Application Frames” turned on

Application Frames are located in the “Windows” section of the menu bar.

If you turn on the application frame, all the UI is inside the application frame called Illustrator, so you don’t just have the tool panel on the right side going somewhere, right?

The difference between “Application Frame” on and off

The biggest difference between “Application Frames” on and off is, as the name suggests, the presence or absence of the Illustrator frame.
For example.

When a file is open.

↓When a file is open, the desktop behind it is visible when the application frame is off, but when the application frame is on, the desktop behind it is not visible through the gap in the UI.

with/without application frame1

When the file is not open

↓When no file is open, with the application frame off, there is no main window where the artboard is displayed, so from that space you can see the whole desktop behind you, but with the application frame on, what you can see from the space without the artboard is Illustrator empty frame that covers the entire image.

with/without application frame 2

When you have a file open and click outside Illustrator

↓When a file is open and you click outside of Illustrator, if the application frame is off, only the main window remains and no other UI is visible, but if the application frame is on, all the UI remains visible.

with/without application frame 3

Although it affects the usability.

I think these differences may have a big impact on the usability, but in my case, I don’t feel any different.
I don’t feel any difference in my case, but on the contrary, I often find it more convenient to use the application frame.

I think it is not a fundamental solution to the problem of the disappearance of the tool panel, but in my case, I feel that the result is OK.
By the way, this “application frame” setting is also available in Photoshop.

So, If you don’t like the tool panel disappearing in Adobe Illustrator, use “Application Frames” How was that?
Give it a try, friends who are interested!